All about Patios

Here at Blue Stone we are very much of the opinion that if you are going to spend your hard earned money on a patio it needs to be done properly and to a standard that represents the investment you’ve made to create it.

We can build you whatever you desire or design however be under no illusion if your dream garden has all the makings of a garden nightmare we will tell you.

We’d rather help you develop your ideas into practical and achievable working creations that will give you lasting service and pleasure instead of building something potentially troublesome or detrimental to your property.  Having great ideas is one part of the equation and we love great ideas especially when they’ve been offered by a client, making them reality is of course the other part of that equation and that’s where we’re here to help you.

We have built countless patios and garden constructions over the years have seen many designs and projects from the totally ridiculous to the absolutely brilliant. Every one of those experiences has developed our skills and knowhow continuously stretching our diversity, services and portfolio which we offer back to you the client. Many people don’t realise that when building patios and solid garden structures that most of what you spend is hidden away buried under the finished surface.

A patio is only as good as the preparation that preceded it.

This statement is also very true of Turf laying as all the work and effort is hidden away in the soil below where you have no immediate visual appreciation of what has occurred prior to the finished product. Anyone can unroll a length of turf.. it’s hardly rocket science although preparing the earth for its new overcoat is a practised art.

It is vitally important that your patio is laid on a correctly constructed base. It is an absolute false economy to lay any type of paving slab on a poorly prepared base where cost saving via under use of material or know how has been applied.

We encourage all of our customers to have at least some idea of what they are trying to achieve in their gardens or work sites before we arrive to view the proposed site.

Granted this isn’t always possible as some people will call us when the ideas just won’t present themselves and they’re looking for that little spark of inspiration or guidance. Pondering time is an essential part of designing something whether it’s a fancy sports car or a patio in your back garden, so don’t dismiss it rushing to have something done quickly.

Having the time to change your mind and iron out the creases or time to try alternative products or layouts is time well spent. the end of the day a poorly thought out project will result in a poorly executed project-Give it the forethought it requires!

We always say a project will change and develop along the way bringing new ideas and alterations as the project evolves into its final form.

Top tips

Think Practically

  • What kind of patio do I want?
  • What kind of patio do I need?
  • What do I like?
  • What don’t I like!?
  • What can I afford!!?
  • Is it possible?….anything is possible although it might just cost a little more!


  • There’s little point in calling any reputable contractor in June asking for a patio so you can enjoy the Summer sun.
  • Get thinking early enough to give yourself time to prepare.
  • Winter time is a great time to finalise your plans in time for a Spring start date when potentially the weather is more suitable for this type of work, you should then have the whole Summer to enjoy your garden.

Products and materials

  • What materials do you want to use to create your project?
  • A clear understanding of what is currently available in the market place is essential and a good starting place as it’ll no doubt be the key feature of your build.
  • Decking, Paving, Aggregates, Lawns even artificial lawns can all be found at your local builders merchants, online, in books and magazines and of course on television.
  • Be free with your imagination and don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Don’t be governed by your existing landscape.
  • Sometimes making a hard decision to change a landscape or maybe loose a tree, move a fence or even a building can open up a whole new world of creation and opportunity.


If you have a question, just ask.

We have a wealth of experience to offer you so feel free to ask any questions about your project.