All about Patios

Here at Blue Stone we are very much of the opinion that if you are going to spend your hard earned money on a patio it needs to be done properly and to a standard that represents the investment you’ve made to create it. We can build you whatever you desire or design however be under no [...]

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Lawn management

Managing lawns and grass cutting

Depending on your requirements we can offer services from mowing your lawn to creating a lawn. We can provide everything you need from start to finish whether we supply the materials so you can have a go yourself or you employ us to do the job for you. We use the best locally available materials [...]

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All about fencing

Fencing is something many home owners require and choosing the correct fencing for your property is key to purchasing a product that will suit the application and your pocket to best effect. There are many varieties of fencing available in today’s modern world of weird and wonderful materials however not all are practical or even [...]

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