Lawn management

Managing lawns and grass cutting

Depending on your requirements we can offer services from mowing your lawn to creating a lawn.

  • We can provide everything you need from start to finish whether we supply the materials so you can have a go yourself or you employ us to do the job for you.
  • We use the best locally available materials from suppliers in the area to ensure the products you receive are as good as they can be at the time of purchase.
  • We can supply soil, turf, aggregates, woodchip mulch and more recently artificial lawn installation.
  • We have staff qualified to handle the chemicals required to keep your lawns looking at their best as well as the best equipment available to complete the work. From pedestrian mowers to large commercial ride on mowers, Compact tractors and flails to industrial sized leaf vacuums we have the right kit for the right job.
  • We also offer a mowing service for both Commercial and Domestic clients where they can book a regular cut with us which often includes lawn edging and removal of the clippings as part of the package.

Each year we manage the mowing round for our clients as an on-going service so they don’t need to worry about sorting their lawns out themselves each season.

Our regulars know and trust we’ll be there for them without fail to ensure the grass is cut.

For account holders we write to them at the end of each season to say thank you and see you next year keeping them informed of the next season’s plans so to provide a seamless no hassle service.

The mowing round has grown each year into a very popular and well used service and some of our clients have been with us right from the beginning since before we became a Limited company over 10 years ago, this we feel is a great compliment from our loyal client base.

To date we manage the lawns and lands of large mansion house estates, commercial venues, Driving ranges, schools and Council facilities as well as private venues and domestic householders.

There is no limit to the size of the job that we would consider taking on and would encourage anyone who is looking to employ a contractor to call or e-mail asking how we may help them further.